digital humanities

Intro to Mapping with CartoDB

11 minute read

2014 NYPD Stop and Frisk Data

CartoDB is a web-based open source mapping platform. Using the 2014 NYPD Stop, Question, and Frisk dataset, this tutorial teaches the mapping basics in Carto...

Command Line Workshop (tutorial)

3 minute read

C-3PO thinks it is improper not to learn the terminal.

The tutorial bits from a workshop I led on using the command line while I was a GC Digital Fellow. Don’t be scared, give it a try!

Getting Started with Git and GitHub

less than 1 minute read


Part of a tutorial on using GitHub for version control that accompanies a workshop I led as a GC Digital Fellow.

All That is Digital Melts into Code

11 minute read

All that is Digital Melts into Code

Is ‘coding’ an essential skill for Digital Humanists? I argue that it depends on how you define code and propose a taxonomy for different tasks that might be...

3D Printing and Maker Culture

3 minute read

CUNY Academic Commons logo printed using a Makerbot 3D printer.

What do 3D printers have to do with the Digital Humanities? I address this question with some reflections on 3D printing and “maker” culture.