Spring 2011 Tentative Schedule

Please arrive on time and prepared to discuss the week’s readings. Each week covers one chapter in the textbook, and the chapter listed for each date is what should be read before that class. After each class, I will post a PDF copy of the lecture notes, linked in the schedule below.

Sections are scheduled as follows:

  • Section 001: Mondays 2:00-4:40 pm
  • Section XM81: Mondays 6:00-8:40 pm
Week 11/31Chapter 1 – Intro to Geography
Week 22/7Chapter 2 – Maps
Week 32/14Chapter 3 – Landforms
2/21Presidents’ Day – No Class
Week 42/23Chapter 4 – Weather and Climate
Week 52/28Chapter 5 – Natural Resources
Week 63/7study guide)
Week 73/14Mid-term Exam
Week 83/21Chapter 8 – Spatial InteractionTerm paper outline and bibliography due
Week 93/28Chapter 6 – Population Geography
Week 104/4Chapter 7 – Cultural Geography
Week 114/11Chapter 9 – Political GeographyTerm Papers Due
4/18–4/26Spring Recess – No Class
Week 125/2Chapter 10 – Economic Geography
Week 135/9Chapter 11 – Urban Geography
Chapter 13 – The Regional Concept
Week 145/16Final exam review (study guide)
Final Exam5/23In-class final exam