Carbon EmissionsNet Crude Petroleum Exports
HIV InfectionsMilitary Spending

Many of you have probably seen one or more of the maps created by WorldMapper before. Their website contains hundreds of cartograms–maps that display land area proportional to some independent variable–to help people better grasp disproportionate distributions of just about any easily quantifiable information.

From the cartograms above, can you match each with the variable expressed in the map? You can see what is represented by each map by hovering the mouse over each image above (it’s displayed in the alt-text).

  1. Petroleum exports (proportion of worldwide net exports of crude petroleum that come from there)
  2. Military spending (proportion of state military spending worldwide spent by each territory in 2002)
  3. HIV infections (proportion of people worldwide aged 15-49 who are infected with HIVliving in each country)
  4. Population (proportion of the worldwide population who live in each country)
  5. Undernourishment (proportion of people worldwide who are undernourished in each country)
  6. Carbon emissions (proportion of total worldwide carbon emissions that were from each country)