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Getting Started with Git and GitHub

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One of my responsibilities as a CUNY Digital Fellow is to lead workshops for the GC community on various topics related to the Digital Humanities. Previously, I worked with Erin Glass to run a workshop on data management tools (check out the wiki we created for the workshop) and one on reference management software (specifically Zotero and Mendeley).

Today I will be leading a workshop on Git and GitHub (really, though, it’s focused on GitHub). The target audience is non-programmers. And while I’ve been using GitHub for a while and am fairly comfortable with basic operations, my skill level is limited by the quality of stackexchange posts and the little I’ve read of the git-scm documentation/book. So this will be an interesting experience.

In any case, since I put together a set of slides to use during the workshop, I wanted to post them to share. I was originally going to put them together in HTML using the awesome reveal.js, and maybe I still will in the future, but for now a PDF will have to suffice.

View my basic Guide to Git and GitHub for Non-Programmers Workshop Slides.