Digital Humanities

Command Line Workshop (tutorial)

3 minute read

C-3PO thinks it is improper not to learn the terminal.

The tutorial bits from a workshop I led on using the command line while I was a GC Digital Fellow. Don’t be scared, give it a try!

Learning to Map with ArcGIS StoryMaps

6 minute read

A Swipe map made using ESRI StoryMaps.

Maps are extremely versatile tools for communicating ideas and information. Creating maps can be challenging, but this tutorial will introduce one tool that ...

PSA: Backup Your Data Now

6 minute read

RIP Data, credit John 'K' via Flickr

Why you (yes, you) need to rethink your data backup. We all hate it, most of us don’t do it well enough, and when it’s too late we give up and cry. Don’t let...

Getting Started with Git and GitHub

less than 1 minute read


Part of a tutorial on using GitHub for version control that accompanies a workshop I led as a GC Digital Fellow.

All That is Digital Melts into Code

11 minute read

All that is Digital Melts into Code

Is ‘coding’ an essential skill for Digital Humanists? I argue that it depends on how you define code and propose a taxonomy for different tasks that might be...

3D Printing and Maker Culture

3 minute read

CUNY Academic Commons logo printed using a Makerbot 3D printer.

What do 3D printers have to do with the Digital Humanities? I address this question with some reflections on 3D printing and “maker” culture.