Heterogeneity, Hybridity and Multiplicity: Asian American Differences

Heterogeneity, Hybridity and Multiplicity by Lisa Lowe was published in 1996 in Duke University Press. This article interests me quite as it starts with the poem. To my understanding, through this article she is mostly trying to characterize the Asian American culture by talking about the heterogeneity, hybridity and multicity. She also talks about how […]

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Research 2

My midterm paper mainly focused on the role of media on portraying the  Asians and Asian Americans. I randomly came across this article on hollyhood Yellow peril and this is very interesting. http://mountiewire.com/hollywoods-yellow-peril-how-the-media-portrays-asian-americans/   Mallika Basnet

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Research1 Project on Black Orietalism

As we have learned in our class last week white Americans are not the only one who discriminate Asians and Asian Americans. African Americans also discriminate and make racial comments towards the Asians and Asian Americans due to their deviant nature. Helen had stated that African Americans viewed Asians as Ugly, heather and violent. In […]

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On "Researcher – Discourse of Exclusion (June 12th)"

i loved reading this research work, very interesting how you interpreted the whole article with the pictures. I can see how it can relate to the article as well. This thought about Asian American being very violent and dangerous is very stereotypical. The pictures where kind of disturbing and it got me thinking. Were these picture only trying to state the anger and violence of the Asians or was it trying to state the Asians interest in marital arts or their bravery to fight for their country or territory??? more questions could be asked is this behavior prevalent only among Asian or was there similar war scene in any war period throughout the world history?? i dont think that they wanted asian to be completely discarded from the american society. Americans clearly needed them for labor purpose but somehow they thought that the Asians could never assimilate due to their cultural pride. after reading you second source i did little search and i found a very interesting piece on how Japanese people were put in a small fenced area.. http://www.lanternreview.com/blog/2010/05/15/poetry-in-history-japanese-american-internment/ Mallika Basnet