Researcher- Week 3 (Lee,Ono, Jun)

Ono and Pham’s article “The Persistence of Yellow Peril Discourse” included studying the media to show examples of how the concept of yellow peril has continued to this day. While looking for a more recent example of yellow peril, I found this article here. It saddens me to realize this article was made in May […]

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Primary Reading, 6/5/13 (Said & Shah)

The texts of “Introduction” by Edawrd Said and “Public Health and the Mapping of Chinatown” by Nyan Shah bring forth the volatile relationship seen between the Asian and Western cultures. Both texts present the Western culture as having an overbearing ideology that rejects and steps on anything that it does not support while exaggerating on […]

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On "Primary Reader | Racial Formation, the State, Capital"

Concerning Omi and Co.'s writing, I was surprised to learn exactly how much thought is put on race in politics. The Phipps' case is surprising since the decision was handed down about 30 years ago from an obscure law that had never been contested before. It seems time has yet to change many ways of thinking. For Molina's work, her structure of writing was easy to follow as she demonstrated the amount of prejudice 3 ethnic groups had to face under the scrutiny of the health department. "American-ness" may have been associated with cleanliness, but people shouldn't have assumed anyone really wanted to live that way. Bad decisions and unflattering opinions was all that had kept them down.