“Asian American Displacements” by Wanni Anderson and Robert Lee focus on a few frame works including what Asian Americanists study about, the relationship between Asian settlement and the patterns of American history and society, Asian immigrant workers’ role in shaping both the land and social terrain, the connection between American imperialism and the trajectories of class, race and gender in the U.S. What I found interesting is their idea of four forms of displacement which is including the refugee, the exile, the expatriate, and the migrant.  These four forms have to deal with physical, cultural, psychological, and the intellectual displacement.  The structure of this piece is interesting because it contains a collection of scholar’s references to support their central idea.

In the other piece “Deporting Cambodian Refugees: Youth Activism, State Reform, and Imperial Statecraft” by Soo Ah Kwon is a case study and it includes author’s experience with the AYPAL youth and their campaign to put an end to deportations.  First she chronicles young people’s direct engagement with the state and the political process, and second, “I critically examine how, in confronting the limits of their relationship to the state, AYPAL youth uncovered that the neoliberal state is an imperial state” (Kwon 739).  I think Kwon’s piece is so different from the other pieces we have read because it actually based on author’s own experience in a case study.  Her topic of deportation of Asians got caught my attention because I did not know how these South Asians are living unfairly before I read her article.  She includes documentations in her piece.