Something I found interesting in Junaid Rana’s piece Racial Panic, Islamic Peril, and Terror was how the ‘moral panic’ that spread through America in the aftermath of Sept. 11th was warped and transformed into a ‘racial panic’ even though Muslim isn’t a race, it’s a religion. Something else I also found odd was how it appeared that anybody perceived to be ‘Muslim’ was subjected to the same racial profiling and treatment even though there were few documented cases of other Asians being mistaken for Japanese during World War 2. This is especially odd since it is easier to distinguish who is Muslim and who is not by their religious dress compared to being able to distinguish between the different Asian populations which could easily cause confusion.

In the case that Rana mentions of Homeland Security and the FBI attempting to locate five individuals who’s names and birth dates were possibly fictitious and were not likely to have terrorist affiliations according to the information they have so far, the vagueness of the situation allowed for the case to easily become a mass panic. This case I think especially highlights how easily and closely linked racialization and illegality is to terror and panic.