Dr. Seuss: cartoon from 13 February 1942

This political cartoon from World War II depicts Japanese lining up along the west coast en masse, with one in a hut with the sign “Honorable Fifth Column” distributing explosives to the rest, so they can take down the United States from within. A fifth column is a group of people who infiltrate and undermine a larger group, in this case Japanese Americans and the United States. The line “Waiting for the signal from home…” suggests that this was their plan along, that the only reason  It shows how people generally felt about their presence in America at the time, and easily summarizes what some people think about Muslim Americans today.


This article draws parallels between the decisions in Korematsu v. United States, which justified Japanese internment, and Dasrath v. Continental Airlines, Inc., a 2002 Supreme Court case regarding racial profiling with removing potential terrorists from commercial flights. It explains how both decisions use similar justifications and reasoning, insisting it’s not based on race, that national security is more important, and that since inaction could get people killed, there’s no time to thouroughly consider everything.