This week’s readings focused on Asian American Studies and how they are constantly in change since the begining. The readings for the week talk about what factors influence this change. From all the three reading for the week, I really liked Unemoto’s chapter 1 “On Strike” that was focused on the series of strikes that occured in the San Franciso State College from 1968-69. The strike was conducted by various student leaders of Thris World Liberation Front who with the help of others marched demanding relevant education and easy access to their communiites (Umemoto 24). Accroding to the author, such movements “produce major changes in the economic or political structure” and I think, whether in State colleges or not, results in contentious politics (Tilly and Tarrow). What these types of movements especially in colleges result in formation of various organisations which further produce number of activists.

Similarly, the article “A Full-on CRAASh at Hunter College” talks about the same. Student of Hunter College wanted relevant education and when denied, took steps that the author talks about very well. Similar situations can also be seen where students often use various propaganda techniques to focus their demands or raise their voices.