“Spaces of Mobilization” is the article about the struggle for social justice in the US by Asian and Pacific Islands. There are several cases about the struggle by them according to the article such as feminists, queers, and labor movement. Aguirre and Lio, the authors, provide readers those struggle for showing Asian and Pacific Islanders’ resistance for social justice and moreover fight against racism, hate crimes, and affirmative action. There are not much of their ideas for the issues but just providing the facts and cases. The authors say that the issues they provide will contribute the literature on  Asian and Pacific Islanders so that this article is more like an informatic article.

“The Four Prisons and The Movements of Liberation” is the article about the history of  the Asian American activists. The author, Omatsu, explains their activism in chronological order from 1960s to 1990s. According to the article, many Asian American activists were the parts of the US history and related to political powers like neo-conservatives or Marxists.  I had no idea that Asian Americans were being part of the US history and political powers a long time ago.

“Kung Fusion” is the article about Bruce Lee and his cultural influence among the world and in the history. The author says that Bruce’s movie being intellectual resources for Communism and Marxism and his movies were like a symbol of the hero fights to the US imperialism and struggle against racial discrimination even in the third world. I didn’t realized that the Bruce Lee movies were treated like anti-Americanism stuff in the past.I never heard that Bruce Lee intended to make an anti-Americanism movie or he was a anti-american person.