For the three readings we have to do before class, they are focused on the civil rights movements toward Asians in American and how they tried to achieve their goal and gained their rights along with the movements.  In Aguirre’s piece “Spaces of Mobilization: The Asian American/Pacific Islander Struggle for Social Justice” started with a brief summary of what Asians American went through, like how the society changed their attitudes and point of view toward them changed over time and incidents.  The frame work of this piece is “Space of Mobilization” and the definition is “Space constitutes and structures the processes that produce race, class, and gender identities”.  This piece mainly focuses on how Asians Americans tried to expand their “space” with movements.  In the other article “The ‘Four Prisons’ and the Movements of Liberation” by Glenn Omatsu stated that Asian American movement coincided not with Martin Luther King Jr’s initial campaign for civil rights but with Malcom X’s black liberation.  .Omatsu discussed how Asian American identity changed from the inspiration of activists from 1960s to 1990s.  Prashad’s “Kung Fusion – Organize the ‘Hood Under I-Ching Banners’” is different compares to Omatsu and Aguirre’s piece because Prashad talks about Bruce Lee as an Chinese American to bring out the theme of “orientalism”. “Imperalism”, “Liberation”, etc…Bruce Lee was born in the U.S. but raised in Hong Kong and starred in over twenty movies before he went back to the U.S. for college.  He refused to be an idol for Caucasians because of his strong identity of “yellow-faced Chinese”.   But what make these three pieces together is these authors tried to tell us the readers how Asian American movements were under the influence of Marxism, “Black Maoism”, and Malcolm X’s black liberation.