The link above is an article about the expelled of Asians in Uganda in 1972 by Idi Amin, it tells us the reason why president Idi Amin explained his reason for the this act is because he thinks Asians in Uganda threaten their economy and encouraging corruption.  He stated an interesting example that Asians were living there for 70 years and only six Asian women had married to Ugandan men, and he thinks that is one of the examples of how Asian Ugandan were not trusting in Uganda.  Even though some of them have gained Ugandan citizenship but they still living in Asians areas in the towns and not mix socially with African.  This is the first example mention in Junaid Rana’s “Labor Diaspora and Global Racial System”, she tried to use this example to show us  how transnational labors have to face racism and discrimination.

Growing Up Muslim in Post 9/11 America

This video show us how Muslim were living in fears to social after 9/11 because they were seen as dangerous terrorists by the others.  In Rana’s piece, there is an example of Changez who have lived in NY for more than 10 years before the world trade center attack in 2001.  He already settled his life in America because even though he married his wife in Pakistan, and he tried to get his wife to immigrate to U.S. once he gained his green card.  It shows that he sees America as the country to be settle down with.  Rana stated his fear of deportation and the climate of racial anxiety that followed 9/11 in relation to Kokoye (girl in the video).  Kokoye came to the U.S. since the age of 5 and she adopted the American culture to go to the state fair every year, but her father refused to bring her to the fair after the world trade center attack because of the climate of racial anxiety that Rana mentions in her piece.