This article by Parrenas  Rhacel Salazar didn’t  come as surprise to me after living in NYC. We see lots of immigrant worker here who have to struggle and their life style has changed tremendously over time. Salazar is maily focusing on the examination of reproductive labor in the process of globalization. In order to clarify her statement she uses the ideologies of many scholars and feminist as she is talking mostly about the Filipino women in labor in the globalist society. She also talks about class and inequality and how economy play a major role in the life of these women. It is sad how the women’s work ethic, love and dedication for her family is not praised in their highly patriarchal society.

These international reproductive Filipino worker go through various contradiction. They feel disconnected and lonely for not being able to spend more time with their own family and having to be taking care of others children. Though life is easier in Philippines there is no money and they have to live a hard working life in order to make more money and make a better living for her family.