“Racial Panic, Islamic Peril, and Terror” is the article about anti-Muslim racism and the moral panic among the United States since 9/11, 2001. According to the article, after 9/11, many Muslims and people with “Muslim-like” features were the targets in violent attacks and assaults and more than a thousand incidents of racial violence were reported. Moreover, Rana, the author of the article says that the violence caused by 9/11 resembled a moral panic among the US population. Moreover, the moral panic was like a racial panic such as the violence against Japanese-American after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Violence and persecution always follow the racial panic and it also acts against cultural differences.


“So Our History Doesn’t Become Your Future” is the article about US foreign and domestic policies after 9/11 and a racial justice based on terrorism. Naber the author says that the US foreign and domestic policies are based on tolerance and diversity and there is a realty that racialization is not the same for everyone. Moreover, there is also a coalition building for Asian American Politics.


The Maira’s article, “Youte Culture, Citizenship, and Globalization” is about South American Youth’s citizenship and their ideas about citizenship and globalization and moreover US foreign policies for Arab Americans. Maira also says that there are several kinds of citizenship defined by political and cultural resources according to her explanation.