I thought the ideas discussed in this week’s readings were overall very interesting and thought-provoking. The racial formation of Muslims from the discourses of terror, racial panic, and Islamic peril is clear even to this day, particularly in New York City because there continues to be incidents of Muslim citizens being attacked or discriminated against because of the preconceived notion of them being “threats”. Also I thought it was a little ridiculous how in the readings, they said the U.S. uses terror as a substantial excuse to use violence or deport people. What really caught my attention was in the Rana reading when it states something along the lines of terror being the manufacturing of fear. It seems that most of the controversy around the topic of the war on terror surrounds the thought of another attack happening so people are naturally fearful but I do not think that should allow for unjust decisions made by the government. In the Maira reading, the idea of the U.S. being an empire or imperial power was interesting, too. I think that the U.S. has enough global visibility to influence the minds of other nations, particularly developing ones.