This blogger Kala Burke wrote a little nice article about her reflection on the Lisa Lowe piece connected to a book called “Lucy” by Jamaica Kincaid. The character of Lucy (same name as me, funny),  is an Antiguan girl, who moved to America to become an au pair , which by definition is ,” a domestic assistant from a foreign country working for, and living as part of, a host family.” Since her move, she has been longing Antiguan culture and it applies to “certain identification and relation to [her] homeland,” which cannot be lost or forgotten””. But then she also finds herself adatping to the U.S culture, therefore an example of hybridity. [link broken]

A brief article on psychological displacement. I thought out of all displacements we’ve talked about in class, this one stood out the most.

Angela Diggs defines it as ” a cataleptic defense mechanism whereas the mind redistributes effects from an entity felt to be harmful or unacceptable to a thing felt to be acceptable and secure.” In a way she explains it, it’s like distributing your emotions on another person. She uses an example of a boy being bullied in school but ignored them and instead displaces his anger on his mother at home. I found this to be very interesting.