“Deporting Cambodian Refugee” is the article that written by Soo Ah Kwon and it is about the deportations for criminal aliens and the youth group called AYPAL running the campaign to end those unjust deportations. According to the article, any criminal aliens who committed a felony must serve a sentence in a prison in US and then return to their countries no matter they are legal or illegal immigrants or permanent US resident. Moreover, after 9/11 several laws such as USA Patriot Law and AEDPA has been established and these laws are mostly targeting racial minority groups and unwanted immigrants. In the article, Kwon tells us the story about Boran the Cambodian refugee and he was the one of the criminal aliens who had returned to Cambodia. With the Boran’s story, Kwon criticizes the US’ foreign and immigrant policy which is focused more on national security than rights and freedom. United States is well-known as a free country and its diversity in people. I don’t believe any society that giving up a freedom for gaining a security deserves both and would not be a good society. Moreover, those acts are mostly targeting a minority group and not majority group so that it is not fair to both group and US have to improve her policy which is fair to every people in the country.