In response to Robert G. Lee’s “Cold War Construction of the Model Minority Myth”, i thought it would be appropriate to see the trailers for the two films he analyzes. Below is the link for the trailer for the 1957 film “Sayonara”.

Reading about the racist overtures of the film, it is interesting to see the scenes and clips they chose to advertise for the film. It opens with an introduction from one of the lead Japanese actresses, dressed in traditional attire and highlighting that the film was filmed on location in Japan – letting everyone know the authenticity of the story they will see. Ironically, one of the first names and faces to follow is that of the Cuban actor Ricardo Montalban in makeup and costume as a Japanese Kabuki actor. I cant help but think that the inclusion of a clip in which Red Button’s character instructs his future lover Katsumi to go lower as she gives him a sponge bath simultaneously adds to both the progressive nature of depicting interracial intimacy on screen as well as highlighting the fetishization of Japan and Asians.