Heterogeneity, Hybridity and Multiplicity by Lisa Lowe was published in 1996 in Duke University Press. This article interests me quite as it starts with the poem. To my understanding, through this article she is mostly trying to characterize the Asian American culture by talking about the heterogeneity, hybridity and multicity. She also talks about how the culture and traditions has changed over the period of time especiallythe generations growing here in the American society. No matter what it is Asian American are mostly seen to own more family business and they seem to like living in the community where there is more Asian people. With the story that she provides of the two girls she is trying to state that, culture followed by the immigrant group is somewhat inherited and somewhat modified. She uses poem, stories and theories of some scholars to make a point to her argument. According to Lowe heterogeneity, hybridity and multiplicity are concepts that assist us in critically understanding the material conditions of Asians in the United States, conditions in excess of the dominant, “orientalist” construction of Asian Americans. Although orientalism seeks to consolidate the coherence of the west as subject precisely through the representation of “oriental” objects as homogenous, fixed, and stable, contradictions in the production of Asians and in the no correspondence between the orientalist object and the Asian American subject ultimately express the limits of such fictions (page 68).

Mallika Basnet