The Cold War Origins of the Model Minority Myth” by Robert Lee mentioned on page 147 that Life magazine’s descriptions of using Tojo, as the current Premier of Japan during the World War II to represent the Japanese, and how to use him to identify the difference between Japanese and Chinese.   The link above is about the Life magazine that was published in December 22nd, 1941, the time when Japan was invading China.  These two nations were against each other as enemy in WWII.  During WWII,  Americans failed to distinguish these two Asian groups, they cannot tell a Chinese to Japanese.  The purpose of this article is to teach Americans how to “distinguish friendly Chinese to enemy aliens Japanese”. Besides the original pictures that was published from the Life magazine, this link also included with the original texts.

japanese-war-bride nakajima


Here are the poster and film scene from “Japanese War Bride” directed by King Vidor in 1952.  It was mentioned in “War, the Homeland, and the Traces of Memory” by David Palumbo-Liu. This movie is about an American Soldier fell in love with a Japanese Red Cross Nurse in Japan, they fall in love with each other and then they went back to Salinas, California together.  Jim Sterling (the American Soldier)’s family were separated into two different sides, some of them were willing to accept their marriage while some of them opposed.  Vidor’s tried to point out the contradictions between American and Japanese after the World War II.