“What kind of Asian are you?”

In this video, a European-American man begins to talk to an Asian-American woman and asks her where she’s from. There is a misunderstanding on both sides of the question. He wants to know what her ethnicity is, whereas she thinks he’s asking her what town she’s from. I think this video relates to Claire Jean Kim’s piece because similarly to the reading, there was an idea of all Asian sub-groups being the same, like one homogenous blob. Also the reading touched upon the idea of Asians being the same in the U.S. as in Asia. Almost like they could not become Americanized, and as Kim said, “aliens ineligible of citizenship.” This video points out that Asians have been integrated into American culture much like their European counterparts.


(a link to open a PDF is on the website)

This paper addresses the hardships and racism Latino and Asian Americans had to endure immediately after immigrating to the U.S., particularly in the mining of gold. Similarly to Moon-Ho Jung’s piece, Asian Americans were not treated well and kind of had a place below the White population but were unsure of their status…almost like racial triangulation. In addition, the Latino and Asian American immigrants did not fit into social or cultural categories. We see the constant theme of struggle in both pieces in order for a better life.