1. Above is an article titled “Complicating the Image of Model Minority Success: A Review of Southeast Asian American Education” by authors Bic Ngo and Stacey J. Lee. In order to access, you need your Hunter ID and password. It discusses about the model minority stereotypes of Asian Americans. The popular press or media draws certain Asian American students as high achievers while the rest as dropouts and delinquents. Such stereotypes drew many complications.

2. Kyung Yoon explains in this short 3 minutes video of the model minority myth. She feels the importance to raise awareness around this topic. [link broken]

3. Above is an article on Chinese “coolies” in Singapore. These coolies were recruited by secret societies called sin kheh and would be sent to employers based on their dialects. The transportation is paid by the sin kheh and these coolies were willing contribute labor in all sectors of work. However over time the demand for these coolies decreased due to the increase of economical development in Singapore.