As we have learned in our class last week white Americans are not the only one who discriminate Asians and Asian Americans. African Americans also discriminate and make racial comments towards the Asians and Asian Americans due to their deviant nature. Helen had stated that African Americans viewed Asians as Ugly, heather and violent. In the mean time i came across this you tube video where the Asians never try to fight back,  they can be easily manipulated and they are easy targets as they will not dare go to the authority due to legal status or language barrier. Asians and Asian American are constantly judged based on their culture and ethnicity throughout the country. it is unfathamoble that some of these innocent Asians become the victim of the racism to such and extent that they have even been killed. But this kind of racial treatment hasn’t stopped over time and the Asian becomes the target over and over .

Mallika Basnet