Ono and Pham’s article “The Persistence of Yellow Peril Discourse” included studying the media to show examples of how the concept of yellow peril has continued to this day. While looking for a more recent example of yellow peril, I found this article here. It saddens me to realize this article was made in May 2013, only a month ago! Educating the public on what is and is not socially correct seems to be taking a very long time indeed. It makes one wonder why people know black face is not acceptable, but not yellow face.

While checking the news for news on campaigns, this video from last year (September 2012) came to mind for this topic here. It reveals that the Census Bureau’s data shows an increase in the number of babies being born to non-white ethnicities. That is a definite bit of information which should be celebrated, for there is concrete proof that all of the propaganda about white supremacy has no standing in the USA.

PS: Since I’m not sure of how to put a video on my blog post, it’s going to be an out-going link until I can figure WordPress out.