The first photo is a cartoon that depicts the unhygienic, crowded conditions Chinese immigrants had to endure, contrary to other ethnic groups. The caption for the half of the cartoon says  “Why they can live on 40 cents a day” and on the right, the caption is “and they can’t”. I think these captions further elaborate on the fact that Chinese workers were paid very little, and perhaps did not need as much because they were sharing small apartments with several other families. Additionally, due to the cramped living spaces, the opportunities for diseases to spread increased because people came in close contact with those infected with diseases. Furthermore, with more Chinese immigrants contracting diseases, the perception of them by society became more negative, as explained by Shah. I think this source effectively portrays the problems during the mid 1800’s in San Francisco because of the inequality of living conditions between races.

The second photo is also a cartoon that depicts the British as controlling and readily colonizing countries. This cartoon highlights the ideas in Saïd’s Orientalism about the relationship of power between European countries and other countries. The imperialistic empires of Europe enforce power onto the Orient countries almost as a means of mirroring their capabilities. For example, Saïd states, “European culture gained in strength and identity by setting itself off against the Orient as a sort of surrogate and even underground self” (3). Therefore, in my opinion, the British and the French gained and exerted power by manipulating Asian countries.