Claude Monet – “La Japonaise”


Edward Said’s ‘Orientalism’ is the article that explains how the west(Europe, North America) understand the east(Asia) and analyzes the stereotypes about Asian people.

According to the article, the west have many stereotypes about the east such as ‘All asian people have black hair and slit eyes’.

and those stereotypes sometimes lead to racism toward Asian people or fantasy about Asia like ‘Japonesque’ which are arts based on Japanese drawings.

However, those based on the stereotypes are mostly exaggerated and give wrong concepts of Asia.



the link above goes to the article that defines Orientalism with the Arab stereotypes.

It points out that the west defines the east as different and inferior and shows several examples of Orientalism with the European history.

I chose this article because it explains well about the wrong perception of Arab culture and includes videos about the wrong perception of the Middle East.

In other words, it shows the examples of ‘the bad side of Orientalism’.



The link above goes to the article that explains Japonism which is the Japanese cultural influence among the European culture.

On the contrary, This shows ‘the good side of Orientalism’ which is more like a fantasy about Asian people and/or culture.